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BlackRiver Financial Services is a diversified financial service company offering complete tax, financial and informational services. The company was formed in January 2, 1997 and is dedicated to assisting its customer reach their goals and objective by supplying them with the necessary tools for success or enhancing the tools they currently possess.

Our consultants are highly trained individuals with an average of 20 years experience in the finance industry. The key services we provide to our customers are:

• Accounting and Bookkeeping • Asset Management • Business consulting • Financial Planning • Insurances • Tax Preparation

Our company has built its reputation on offering quality service at affordable prices.

The company believes that education is the key to success. For this reason, our consultants specialize in conducting free informational seminars for community organizations as well as the business community. 

Our success is built on the partnerships we form with our customers and the community

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President: - Kenneth R Booth - 
Address6100 West Jefferson St. Street PhilaPA. 19151 
Telephone:  215-877-2171 
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